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A Photo Addict's Confession: PHOTOGRAPHY AND ME. . .

Photography is not a hobby or a job for me: it's an addiction. For years, it has been my passion, my mistress; a constant intrigue, an irresistable siren call. At first, I loved the capturing a moment, freezing an event, keeping faces and places fresh in my memory. Then I discovered the darkroom. Once I watched an image magically appear on a sheet of paper, I was irrevocably hooked. My life changed. I lost interest in other pastimes and fed the addiction.

I am fascinated by all aspects of photography, and have experimented with many techniques and formats. I have experimented with several formats and brands of cameras, but I use Canon cameras for all my 35mm work. I LOVE my Canon EOS 1-N!

Hardware is just hardware, though, and to each their own. For those of us who still enjoy silver-based photography, there have never been better equipment choices. Most manufacturers make high quality, easy-to-use equipment, and we see everywhere wonderful photos by monstrously talented shooters which inspire us to expand the envelope to create good images. That simple act, the making of the image, freezing a moment by capturing the light, is the 'high' that addicts one to this Magic that is Photography.

I am grateful for the influence of great photographers who made me love the craft and strive for the art of photography. First, homage to Edward Weston, who found great beauty through examining the ordinary; Saint Ansel Adams, the f-64 group, Elliott Porter, Casey Bohne, Ernst Haas, Dorothea Lange, Forrest Bard, Freeman Patterson, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Richard Avadon, Timothy Sullivan, Wally Houn, Arthur Nishimura, Skrebneski, Annie Liebowitz, Tom Till, David Hamilton, Nell Dore. Some of these names are icons in photography, some are footnotes; some may never be as well-known as their art and their hearts deserve. Thanks to you all, as well as the many others who have helped me become more deeply involved. (Written in June, 1998)

And now, DIGITAL photography is opening new doors of creativity! I have acquired a Canon G-2 and it is a source of delight! Talk about instant gratification! Look for pages of digital photos - SOON!

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I have always insisted that I don't have a hobby. It's an addiction!. I HAVE recently developed a hobby, though. I collect QUOTES about photography. I started posting them here in June, 1998, and am constantly looking for memorable photographic quotes, so PLEASE, if you have a favorite, send it to me. I'll be delighted to add it to the collection. And of course, if you like any quote here, please feel free to borrow it!

As Jacques-Henri Lartigue said, after taking his first photographs, "It's marvellous, marvellous! Nothing will ever be as much fun. I'm going to photograph everything, everything!"

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