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Equipment/hardware/learning links

Canon USA
In my opinion, the finest Single-Lens Reflex camera line available! (And I can't WAIT to get a digital EOS! WOW!!!)

HP Printers
I have used several printers since discovering the Digital Print, and I LOVE HP printers for several reasons: First, they are EASY to use and make great prints on almost everybody's photo papers. Second, they are reliable, fast and AMAZINGLY HIGH QUALITY. (Four picolitre droplets, 6 ink cartridges, 1200 X 2400 res, sizes up to 13X19 inches with a list of $699!) Third, HP's Photosmart printers yield prints that will last over 67 years!

Tamron Lenses
I recently got their 28-105mm f2.8 fixed aperture lens. WOW! Fast AND sharp! (And the 90mm macro makes my heart go pitty-pat!)

Eastman Kodak Professional
What more could you ask? The Great Yellow Father PROFESSIONAL division! (I love them, but have lost respect for the clowns at Kodak corporate, moving film production off-shore.)

People/friends/kindred spirits

Margaret Brezden Hand Colour Page
A friend from photo-ops chat, Marg hand-colors B&W prints to get wonderful effects. Recently updated, and WOW!!! Don't miss it!

Land Bountiful
A friend I sometimes go shooting with, Jeremy West has some lovely images. It's worth the time to check his work out!

DP Challenge
This is THE BEST digital photography site I have found. Weekly challenges, lots of amazing photographers, good advice... what more can you ask?

Kasual Kat's Homepage
From Canada's beautiful Vancouver Island, Katie Nielsen's homepage was a major inspiration to create THIS! Scenics, birds and some unique effects! This Kat is awesome!

Photo Links

fastlens photo page
A Canadian-based website with TONS of information and great links, run by a dedicated pro. A fascinating site for photographers everywhere!

Online Photography
Yes, an E-magazine that is worth reading.

photo-ops chat room
Photographers are the best people to chat with! We share a common addiction, and you'll meet incredibly fine people here. THE BEST chat room I've found!
Do yourself a favor, go see this spot if you love good photography and want to be in a community of photo-oriented people. All skill levels, all sorts of equipment is represented. It's a great site!

Ecclectic Links I Like....

Raising Duncan
Funny, thought-provoking, and my wife says I like it because Big Daddy is me!
Virtual Design Group
I love the virtual voo-doo doll applet. email one to a friend... (I do NOT advocate voodoo in any way. I DO think this is humorous!)
A Word A Day
A wonderful source of words, definitions and quotes. If you consider yourself a wordsmith, check this out!!!